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Faster, easier and smarter fund communications

Powerful new solutions are transforming the way investment and asset management professionals handle the creation of disclosure documents and client communications. By streamlining processes, automating tasks and centralising data, you can save time and money, improve communications as well as achieve a step-change in efficiency.

Cut through the complexity of producing fund documents

By combining innovative web-based tools with the expertise of outsourcing specialists you simplify and streamline the creation, management, reporting and distribution of your fund disclosure documents.

The global FundSuiteArc® platform helps you to quickly and easily:

  • Create, manage and publish fund communications in any language
  • Respond to constant regulatory change
  • Provide transparency for your investors
  • Get to market quickly, in the most productive, cost effective and compliant way

Fund Reporting Solutions

Easily integrate data from fund accounting platforms and other sources to produce a full range of documents. Our ArcReporting solution automates the management and creation of reports into formats you require.

Simplify and automate your reporting

Regulators worldwide continue to change and adapt their reporting requirements, insisting on ever-greater transparency and more frequent updates. The reports themselves become more complex yet standardised - and investment houses must meet the formatting requirements precisely.

The investment products themselves are also becoming more complex, presenting even more challenges around effective and transparent reporting. Consistent data can be hard to come by for complex and innovative financial instruments such as derivatives and hedge funds and the reporting standards for these kinds of products are still evolving.

This complexity, added to the fast-changing regulatory requirements, creates significant additional costs. Investment professionals need to find new and better ways to manage their information and then use it to create, edit and publish reports.

A powerfully simple and cost effective solution to complex reporting needs

The ArcReporting tool is a simple yet powerful solution designed to help investment professionals meet these challenges. It is the industry’s only truly integrated, web-based financial reporting product - a powerfully simple solution designed to help you manage the increasing complexity of reporting:

  • Automates the management of your data and the process of outputting it into the various publishing formats needed across the regulatory regimes
  • Tailored solutions to meet the requirements of various European regimes
  • Conforms to global standards
  • Handles complex data
  • Connects the data across your documents

The ArcReporting tool is easy to use and has been designed to help you control costs, improve productivity and boost efficiency, saving you time and removing the strain of having to adapt to constantly changing regulations.

Integrated fund communications

The ArcReporting application is part of the FundSuiteArc integrated, web-based platform designed to create, manage and distribute compliant fund communications in any language.

  • A one-stop platform for all of your fund documents
  • The only solution that links all your documents via a golden source of information
  • Helps you easily and quickly transform data, translate content and publish in multiple formats

The simple solution to the complexity of reporting requirements

Keeping pace with ever-changing European fund regulations and reporting requirements can be a time-consuming, costly and painful experience. Our ArcReporting solution has been designed specifically to meet the needs of the investment community, automating the process and handling all the updates, changes and adaptation needed behind the scenes.

Our people keep track of the changes to regulations in the various markets - especially in core European centres such as London, Luxembourg and Dublin - and update the application so it is aware of your needs before you are.

Transform your communications

The ArcReporting web-based, comprehensive content management solution has been designed to address your global financial reporting challenges. It represents a single, integrated platform for the creation, review, composition and filing of shareholder communications and includes reporting and content management engines built for global requirements and documents.


The ArcReporting solution is a web-based tool so your teams can work from anywhere - at home, on the road and from any office. The editing and document creation tools are familiar - including Word and Excel applications - minimising training requirements and increasing productivity. You can also configure workspaces for each user according to their roles and preferences.

A smarter way to work

The solution offers seamless integration of content across documents and regulatory filings allowing you to centralise content and report management through a single template and common library. Users can quickly and easily consolidate statements, schedules, proofs and output drafts into online projects and keep stakeholders up-to-date with warnings, notifications and reminders.

Easy to manage

Integrated workflow and resource management tools provide an instant snapshot of the progress of ongoing projects so you can better manage your resources. The solution also includes work schedules and resource monitoring to help manage the group of users.

Predefined templates speed up your processes

To simplify your process for each reporting cycle, you can set up project templates with defined frequency, procedures, funds, content and output style specifications. Before each new cycle, projects are automatically created and waiting for you to begin work.

Powerful tools at your fingertips

The ArcReporting application includes configurable reporting standards which adapt to local requirements, so you can create all of your reports from within the application for all markets. It also offers:

  • Online, real time management of schedules and resources
  • Automated composition and distribution
  • Integrated service and support


The ArcReporting tool accepts data import formats from all types of fund structure, including Hedge, ETF, UCITS or traditional funds. It also provides multiple output types - for example, you can review the PDF output or go straight to typeset within one application.

Efficient - share and re-use data

The ArcReporting application allows you to upload data once to a central repository for use across multiple documents and filings. This delivers massive gains in efficiency, freeing you to:

  • Share data and content between applications for regulatory filings, notes and varying output formats - leading to easier and faster completion of reports
  • Edit content centrally and roll the changes out to your reports, with synchronisation across multiple disclosures such as primary statements, notes tables, and portfolio/holdings data
  • Leverage the data for your regulatory filings, offering efficiency gains and cost savings

Fast and accurate translations

Translation services are integrated into our FundSuiteArc platform to deliver workflow efficiencies, and faster and more accurate translations.

Proven security, accessibility and confidentiality

Donnelley Financial Solutions employs state-of-the-art technology and is AT101 certified. Security is supported through redundant, secured infrastructure and servers.

  • Data integrity with frequent backups stored on and off-site
  • Virus protection with daily scans and updates
  • Audit trail of user activity, including log on/off
  • Control of user access at every level

Growing with you to meet your needs

By joining our growing community of Content Management technology users you can make a direct impact on the evolution of the solution, helping us further tailor ArcReporting to meet your changing requirements.

Click here to download a leaflet on the features & benefits of ArcReporting.


An investment management company adopts the ArcReporting platform by Donnelley Financial Solutions to speed up and streamline the process of creating and publishing shareholder reports.

The challenge

An investment management company with assets close to one trillion dollars was struggling with their monthly reporting volumes. All of their reports were being handled on a proprietary Microsoft Word/Excel based system but, particularly during peak times, these manual processes resulted in inefficiencies and a need to rely on temporary, part-time resources.

The company was having problems with the volume of share classes and fiscal year-end work and knew they would need to implement a more automated system to help overcome these issues.

Our solution

After a rigorous RFP process, the investment management company selected the ArcReporting application from Donnelley Financial Solutions to help them manage and publish their shareholder reports, mitigate risk and bring efficiency to their process.

To ensure a seamless transition process from previous systems to the ArcReporting application, Donnelley Financial Solutions' service team conducted daily meetings with the client. The two teams worked closely together through the analysis, build and acceptance phases. In the end, the ArcReporting application was successfully implemented within the company’s tight timeframe and the client now uses the system for their annual, semi, quarterly and monthly reports.

Results and benefits

By working with Donnelley Financial Solutions, the investment management company streamlined many of their processes. They eliminated several operational steps realising gains in efficiency, reducing the time and effort their team previously put in to review and publish their shareholder reports. What was once a two day process is now handled in a matter of hours.

To assist with SEC filings, the company has since also implemented our ArcFiling tool which loads stored data directly from the ArcReporting application.

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