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Faster, easier and smarter fund communications

Powerful new solutions are transforming the way investment and asset management professionals handle the creation of disclosure documents and client communications. By streamlining processes, automating tasks and centralising data, you can save time and money, improve communications as well as achieve a step-change in efficiency.

Cut through the complexity of producing fund documents

By combining innovative web-based tools with the expertise of outsourcing specialists you simplify and streamline the creation, management, reporting and distribution of your fund disclosure documents.

The global FundSuiteArc® platform helps you to quickly and easily:

  • Create, manage and publish fund communications in any language
  • Respond to constant regulatory change
  • Provide transparency for your investors
  • Get to market quickly, in the most productive, cost effective and compliant way

Regulatory Filing

Centralise your data for easy management and creation of disclosure documents. The ArcFiling tool provides a single platform to handle all your regulatory filings with solutions tailored to the requirements of the major European markets.

Streamline your compliance operations

Regulators worldwide are increasingly concerned about ensuring the financial security of investment funds - and to do so, they keep finding new and innovative ways to change, update and refine the various filing requirements. The questions are essentially the same – the regulators need to know your funds are secure and solvent. Demonstrating compliance, however, is far from simple. Keeping track of all the changes is immensely complex, for one thing, and actually meeting all the compliance requirements becomes time-consuming and expensive.

The answer is to make better use of technology, often combined with the right outsourced expertise, to provide your teams with powerful, agile and effective tools and processes to help them.

Enhance performance and reduce costs

The ArcFiling online solution has been designed specifically to meet the needs of the financial services industry - and fund managers in particular. The solution compiles data from multiple sources and creates a wide range of fund reports automatically.

The efficiency gains delivered by the ArcFiling tool help you to reduce costs, meet filing deadlines, streamlining and improving all of your compliance operations across the European markets.

Tailored to European requirements

The ArcFiling application is tailored to meet the needs of a growing number of different regulatory regimes and natively handles BCL and CSSF reporting in Luxembourg with no requirement for further customisation on your part.

Through our programme of continuous development, we are regularly adding new reports to meet the needs of our clients across multiple European jurisdictions.

Integrated fund communications

The ArcFiling application is part of the FundSuiteArc integrated, web-based platform designed to create, manage and distribute compliant fund communications in any language.

  • A one-stop platform for all of your fund documents
  • The only solution that links all your documents via a golden source of information
  • Helps you easily and quickly transform data, translate content, and publish in multiple formats

The ideal tool for multiple European jurisdictions

Though nothing is likely to stem the torrent of changes to the regulatory filing requirements, there is technology available that can ease the pain around the creation of your compliance documents, saving you time and money.

The ArcFiling solution represents a breakthrough in the way you handle the management and creation of your European disclosure documents. It delivers – at last – a true central repository of data that can be used and re-purposed in many different ways across different regimes.

Now you can output your data into pre-created templates updated in advance to take account of the various changes brought in by regulators since the last cycle, massively improving your efficiency and reducing the time taken to complete the task.

Powerful tools that simplify complex tasks

The ArcFiling web-based tool compiles data from multiple sources and creates a wide range of fund reports automatically. A central repository system makes it far easier and faster for your teams to validate and transform data for consistency across funds and report types.

Choose to use standard outputs for your web-disclosure document or add custom headers, disclosure, logos and more:

  • Easy to create Summary and Q&A reports allow you to reduce review time - and so keep your projects on track and on schedule
  • Create a report, validate it and then file directly with the regulators

Tailored for the European markets

The ArcFiling solution currently handles BCL and CSSF reporting in Luxembourg. Through our programme of continuous Arc development, we are adding new reports to the tool to assist our clients in multiple European jurisdictions.

Easy and agile data imports

The ArcFiling platform delivers automated tools that quickly and easily import data from a huge range of sources, including ArcReporting solution as well as accounting, compliance, trading, transfer agent, custodial and financial reporting systems.

Automate the regular production of disclosure documents

To simplify your process for each cycle, you can set up project templates with defined frequency, standard procedures, funds, content and output style specifications.

  • Before each new reporting cycle, projects are automatically created and waiting for you to get to work
  • Create a monthly web-ready file that includes all required data points
  • Track all changes, whether manually or automatically imported, with comprehensive audit reports

Cost-effective and efficient

The tools and approaches in our ArcFiling application help you to simplify the creation and filing of disclosure documents, saving you time and money, streamlining workflows and improving the accuracy and consistency of your data.

Unparalleled customer service

In addition to your assigned project manager and implementation team, ArcFiling e-Customer Service Representatives are available from 7am to 9pm local time to handle all your questions, so you always have resources to support your needs.

Proven security, accessibility and confidentiality

Donnelley Financial Solutions employs state-of-the-art technology and is AT101 certified. Security is supported through redundant, secured infrastructure and servers.

  • Data integrity with frequent backups stored on and off-site
  • Virus protection with daily scans and updates
  • Audit trail of user activity, including log on/off
  • Control over user access at every level
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