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Faster, easier and smarter fund communications

Powerful new solutions are transforming the way investment and asset management professionals handle the creation of disclosure documents and client communications. By streamlining processes, automating tasks and centralising data, you can save time and money, improve communications as well as achieve a step-change in efficiency.

Cut through the complexity of producing fund documents

By combining innovative web-based tools with the expertise of outsourcing specialists you simplify and streamline the creation, management, reporting and distribution of your fund disclosure documents.

The global FundSuiteArc® platform helps you to quickly and easily:

  • Create, manage and publish fund communications in any language
  • Respond to constant regulatory change
  • Provide transparency for your investors
  • Get to market quickly, in the most productive, cost effective and compliant way

Content Management

Transform the way you manage, store and use your content. Create, edit, share and publish disclosure and regulatory documents with ArcPro tool.

Transform your content management

Managing all of the information needed to create regulatory and investor documents across many markets, in multiple languages, is a huge challenge. This information has to be kept up-to-date, accessible but secure, accurate and consistent. Your teams need to get at the information quickly and easily so they can create manage, print and distribute compliance, marketing and other documents.

Any problems with the information - any question marks hanging over its integrity or timeliness, its accuracy or whether it really is the latest version of a document, risks creating complexity that can paralyse your document creation process.

Storing and updating the information is only half of the battle, of course. If the tools available for accessing and using the data are unwieldy or inefficient, then productivity falls and the creation of reports become expensive and time consuming, with the danger of missing regulatory deadlines.

All of these challenges are further compounded by the sheer pace of change in regulatory requirements. Organisations badly need a smarter, more innovative way to handle their information.

A smarter, easier, faster way to manage content

The ArcPro solution has been designed specifically to meet the needs of the investment community, helping you to manage and use content and streamline the production of documents and reports.

Information is stored in a central repository so compliance and regulatory documents can be easily accessed, edited and published. Integrated workflow management and on-line collaboration empower your teams to streamline and accelerate the production of documents, saving time and money.

Fast, easy implementation

As a fully web-based solution hosted by Donnelley Financial Solutions, the ArcPro application creates minimal additional demands on your IT departments or their budgets.

Specialist services from global experts

You can also draw on the expertise of Donnelley Financial Solutions as an expert provider of outsourced publishing services, easing the workload on your teams and raising the quality of your communications. In particular, you may choose to rely on our experienced specialists to prepare and file your more complex and time-consuming reports for tax authorities and regulators.

Integrated fund communications

The ArcPro application is part of the FundSuiteArc integrated, web-based platform designed to create, manage, and distribute compliant fund communications in any language.

  • A one-stop platform for all of your fund documents
  • The only solution that links all your documents via a golden source of information
  • Helps you easily and quickly transform data, translate content and publish in multiple formats.

Take control of your content

To meet the challenges around changing regulations and the sheer volume of information that has to be managed and controlled, investment houses need to rethink their content management strategies.

The ArcPro solution is an innovative online, content management and composition tool which lets you store and manage all your information in a central repository. This makes it fast and easy to access, edit and publish your regulatory documents. With our ArcPro tool you can:

  • Store all your information centrally and connect your different types of content, such as Summary, Statutory and SAI
  • Easily re-use and re-purpose content
  • Use familiar but powerful editing and publishing tools
  • Have consistency and accuracy across your documents
  • Distribute easily - on the web, in print, and for submission to global regulators

The ArcPro tool imports data from a variety of sources - delivering the agility needed to speed up the production of your document. It also automates the creation of a fully-linked, compliant Summary Prospectus - saving time and helping you meet deadlines.

The smarter way to handle version control and information updates

The ArcPro application lets you store and organise information in common libraries for easy access, allowing you to share data, text, graphics and tables across multiple documents. You can make edits centrally in the library and flow the changes out across your documents - or reverse the process, by editing your documents and flowing the changes back to the central repository.

This “edit once, update many” methodology improves accuracy and efficiency. The application also delivers powerful control over variables and versions of documents, automatically linking to the latest version of any linked object during publishing.

Improves collaboration and workflow

The ArcPro platform provides a flexible workflow that adapts to your processes, increasing efficiency:

  • An integrated workflow management and collaboration function streamlines the production and review cycle
  • Users can easily request, receive, store and process comments from multiple internal and external reviewers and track steps in the production process
  • Automated email notifications alert users to time critical tasks and help to keep your projects on schedule

Powerful, simple editing tools

Your teams can use the editing and formatting tools with which they are familiar, including Word and Excel applications, minimising training requirements and boosting productivity. The ArcPro tool helps you to create documents that meet the changing requirements of the regulatory agencies and that match your branding, while retaining tight control over costs.

  • Supports strikethrough and financial blacklining as well as many regulator-specific formats
  • Integrated with our XBRL workflow, streamlining the tagging and review process
  • World-class publishing engine supports the complete range of table styles, page formats and document design

Automate chart creation and updating

An easy-to-use automated charting feature allows your users to update data points on a chart, set the required template and immediately generate high-quality graphic content that can be added to your documents. Any subsequent edits to the data will be automatically reflected in your updated chart.

This functionality not only improves productivity by saving time for your users, it also improves the overall visual quality of your documents and saves money on the production of high-quality and informative graphic elements.

A commitment to service − from the fund publishing experts

The ArcPro solution is designed to be easy to use, freeing your teams to create documents as and when you need them. Some projects are inevitably more complex and time-consuming than others, however, so it’s good to know you can call on the publishing expertise of Donnelley Financial Solutions whenever needed. Our composition services team has full access to the platform and can work alongside your people on large and complex projects. Or we can deliver a complete document management and production service if required.

Whenever you need support with the ArcPro application itself − or any of the FundSuiteArc tools − you can turn to our experienced and dedicated service centres in Luxembourg, Ireland and the UK.

Secure and reliable

All Donnelley Financial Solutions service centres are AT 101 certified, with tested, reliable processes around security stability and state-of-the-art emergency response systems.

A way through the labyrinth of content management

How the challenges facing a major financial organisation inspired the creation of our ArcPro solution

A major registered investment company needed to overhaul its workflow around legal disclosure and investor communications. Donnelley Financial Solutions responded to the challenge, and the ArcPro content management solution was born.

The challenge

A major registered investment company relied upon Donnelley Financial Solutions for the printing of its prospectuses and reports. The client created the initial draft in-house using a basic content management tool before handing off to our typesetting team in Word format. However, the client experienced significant challenges around managing edits and updates to the documents. Ownership of the process was ‘informal’ which left many tasks uncompleted. Deadlines were missed and this created a culture of blame. The technology could not keep up with the evolving needs of the client, especially when it came to workflow. This created significant backlog and risk, compounded by the fact that so few people understood how to properly use or fix these spreadsheets.

Our client faced a number of additional issues around the quality of content. Reviews in Word were inconsistent, and some team members preferred to make comments on hard copy, which impacted efficiency, led to inputting errors, and created additional costs.

The client was also facing changes in financial reporting regulations around SOX Certification and the introduction of summary prospectuses, with XBRL on the horizon. These would require a major overhaul of the content creation and amendment process to eliminate errors and backlogs, speed up the delivery of content, reduce costs, modernise technology and improve all-round efficiency.

Our solution

Our client concluded that a major overhaul of its workflow was in order, with a formalised content ownership process and more time given to reviewers. The client also recognised that a combined drafting and workflow solution would improve efficiency.

Senior team members from the client consulted closely with Donnelley Financial Solutions, aware that our teams are experts at handling content and workflow for large and complex disclosure projects. We suggested a shift to a self-service model. We began to develop a content management system that would meet the client's specific needs and this led directly to the creation of our ArcPro solution.

The ArcPro content management system automates the drafting and typesetting of documents, creating more time for reviewers. Integrated workflow management and on-line collaboration streamlines ongoing edits and the automatic generation of a ready-to-print file accelerates production, saving time and money. Of key importance, ArcPro stores information in a central repository so common content can be re-used across one or more documents reducing the risk of error and ensuring consistency.

The workflow has been designed so multiple stakeholders can make changes to individual sections and these can be easily incorporated into the final document. Specific features were developed to address the changing nature of regulatory requirements, in particular the introduction of summary prospectuses, supplements and XBRL.

Because the solution is web-based, implementation was both rapid and easy with no additional demands on the client's IT departments or budgets.

Results and benefits

Our client has used the ArcPro platform to deliver significant cost savings and efficiency improvements. Process improvements to drafting and review resulted in a reduction of four days in producing a prospectus. Powerful automation and content management tools have resulted in a 20% reduction in FTE resources. There are fewer rounds of changes and the overall processing time for creating prospectuses has been considerably reduced. Previously, 87% of the documents required extra rounds of content revisions but, thanks to ArcPro, the number of documents requiring extra revisions has reduced to 25%. Furthermore, 71% of documents are now approved on time, compared to the previously achieved 18%.

Our client has also benefitted from a transformation in workflow and document management. The organisation has been able to bring many more documents beyond the prospectus into the process and has used our ArcPro tool to develop greater insight into its own operations, content and performance.

Our satisfied client speaks of the successful ArcPro project: “You need to document your goals clearly, have internal alignment within the organisation as well as visible support from the top down. But most importantly, be sure to choose the right technology supplier with commitment to continuous improvement, which is what we found in Donnelley Financial Solutions.”

The ArcPro platform has become an industry standard solution, and our client continues to help drive and inspire its development and evolution.

Content Management