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Financial Reporting Solutions

We help companies meet their financial reporting requirements efficiently by streamlining the end-to-end process; from managing content to design, typesetting, print, personalisation and mailing. As the world’s premier full-service provider of integrated communications solutions, we are your trusted partner for financial reporting.

SEC Filings

We can help companies that are required to provide filings to the SEC, whether it’s 10-K & 10-Qs or Form 20-Fs. We provide a range of expert, specialist services and solutions to help you meet these requirements.

For those companies needing to provide Annual Reports and Form 20-Fs, we can help you build a reporting process that meets all your reporting objectives in the most cost effective and efficient way.

Full service filing to EDGAR

For many years we have offered EDGAR filing services to a demanding clientele. Our teams are experts at converting your financial information into the specific form of HTML required by the SEC. We even have a direct communication line into the SEC for smooth and efficient transfer of information. We have also developed a bespoke conversion process that is renowned for creating the most attractive and high quality EDGAR reports - on a par with high quality printed reports.

Full service filing to XBRL

Our roots are in the US and our teams have been filing to the new XRBL reporting language standard for our US GAAP customers for a number of years. This means we are ideally placed to help our clients across the world to absorb XBRL into their reporting processes.

Our experts are available to help you to understand the new reporting regime and prepare your people and your business. Our subject matter experts will talk you through the entire process in depth to smoothen the transition. The workload, particularly in the second year when full tagging is required, is likely to be huge for most companies. We can do the heavy lifting for you, support you throughout and handle even the most complex of conversion requirements.

ActiveDisclosure & XBRL

Our bespoke ActiveDisclosure solution simplifies the process of adapting to XBRL.

The ActiveDisclosure tool speeds and simplifies the process of creating and managing disclosure reports and is built around the Microsoft Office productivity tools you already use. It will empower your teams to do their own tagging of data fields or combine your efforts with our own to suit your specific requirements.

The ActiveDisclosure platform gives you precise yet effortless version control, a single source for data points and the ability to publish to all media from that single source, including EDGAR HTML; XRBL; PDF for printing; and Microsoft Word files for press releases. The entire process becomes efficient, easy and consistent.

The ActiveDisclosure solution automatically updates your information across all content and media. Changes made in Excel application roll over to your documents and the tool solves the issues around Excel refreshing of financial data: now you can change your numbers once and be confident that the amendments will roll over across your annual report and all the documents in ActiveDisclosure solution.

Learn more about ActiveDisclosure.

SEC Filings

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