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When time is critical, there's no substitute for experience and expertise

We help companies meet their financial reporting requirements efficiently by streamlining the end-to-end process; from managing content to translation, design, typesetting, print, personalisation and mailing. As a premier full-service provider of integrated communications solutions, we are your supplier of choice for financial reporting.

  • One point of contact enables a faster, smoother and more efficient process
  • Our efficiencies of scale help you to keep costs under tight control
  • The scale and depth of our resources provides the capacity needed for the largest and most complex deals
  • A safe pair of hands - thanks to decades of specialist experience and expertise.


With 2,500 operators worldwide, Donnelley Financial Solutions provides an unrivalled global typesetting capacity ensuring we can meet even your tightest of deadlines on the largest and most complex transactions. We are consistently able to provide the fastest document turnaround times, including the quickest conversion from Word to typeset. This provides peace of mind for your deal teams, giving them vital extra hours to fine-tune documents while still meeting critical deadlines.

We have on-site typesetting in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan and Madrid. By locating our typesetting teams on-site alongside your people we are able to speed up the process and improve efficiency and communications, all of which adds to the quality of finished documents.


When major financial transactions are underway, translation needs to be accurate, fast and reliable. As one of the world's largest providers of multilingual communication services, our Language Solutions division can provide an extensive range of translation solutions making it easier for you to manage and distribute your content anywhere in the world.

Our translation services also fit seamlessly into the overall document workflow, from content typesetting to print.

To find out more, please visit our Language Solutions website.

In-House Editing

Accurate, skilled and responsive editing services help to improve the quality of your documents and save vital time for your deal teams.

Donnelley Financial Solutions prides itself on always providing dedicated in-house typesetting and proof reading specialists. After typesetting, all documents are read by an expert with in-depth experience in financial transactions. This fresh pair of eyes means your teams are reviewing documents that are cleaner and more accurate, saving vital time at the sharp end of the document production process.

We also utilise the latest and best information technology to provide real-time updates on the status of every page.

The scale of our operations, ability to apply extensive resources and willingness to go the extra mile in terms of service and responsiveness help to deliver accurate and fast document production.


Donnelley Financial Solutions is acknowledged as the industry leader in producing UKLA (UK Listing Authority) compliant proofs.

We can produce European Regulatory Body (eg. UKLA, BaFin, COB) compliant strikethrough blacklining within our typesetting system at the push of a button. This means we can typically deliver proofs within an hour. The proofs are clean, specific and cumulative – meeting all relevant requirements and ensuring accuracy because we don’t need to go through the extra steps of exporting the content back into Word files.


Donnelley Financial Solutions' global network of printing partners offers flexible and time saving press capacity for your vital and time-sensitive documents. To reduce costs we always use the printing resources to match your specific needs depending on the nature of your documents.

We can simultaneously print documents in multiple locations around the world, saving time and money for global transactions.

We also provide the NET.distro electronic delivery service, which allows you to invite a wide audience to view the documents. Recipients of the invitation need only to click on links to access the documents, which are hosted centrally and fully secured at all times.

Donnelley Financial Solutions' NET.distro service can often replace the requirement for hard proofs or printed books, or can be used to supplement or precede physical distribution.

Mailing & Distribution

Donnelley Financial Solutions' know-how and experience in completing high profile and complex shareholding mailings means your documents reach their intended audience at the right time and right location.

We liaise directly with the registrars to obtain shareholder data, produce personalisation test and live packs and formulate a mailing matrix.

We also coordinate all aspects of print distribution and deliver books on time for high-profile investor roadshows, one-to-one meetings and management presentations.

We can help you with a wide range of financial and investment documentation, including:

Equity Offerings

Initial public offerings, secondary offerings and rights issues.

Debt Offerings

High yield bond offering memorandums, investment grade bonds and convertible bond transactions.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We provide a full range of print services for complex M&A transactions including scheme of arrangement and offer documentation mailings.

SEC Filings

Donnelley Financial Solutions is one of the world's largest SEC filers. This means we possess an unrivalled experience of filing compliance documents with the SEC, helping you to achieve compliance while saving both time and money.

We are also highly experienced in XBRL and EDGAR compliance filings for both treasury and regular financial reporting. Read more here.

bpost IPO

In April 2013, Donnelley Financial Solutions was asked to produce the documentation for the IPO of bpost.

Donnelley Financial Solutions was chosen for its unparalleled Belgium IPO experience, in-house translation expertise, typesetting resources, ability to simultaneously print in Brussels and London and our transparent pricing.

The IPO was a complex retail offering with last minute schedule changes that required a complete understanding of the IPO timeline and maximum flexibility.

We were tasked with translating, typesetting, printing and distributing both investor and employee documentation in three languages. The documentation included:

  • English language IPO prospectus – 368 pages/500 copies
  • Flemish language IPO prospectus – 408 pages/2,800 copies
  • French language IPO prospectus – 388 pages/2,500 copies
  • English language IPO retail brochure – 20 pages/500 copies
  • Flemish language IPO retail brochure – 20 pages/96,000 copies
  • French language IPO retail brochure – 20 pages/64,500 copies
  • Flemish language employee IPO brochure – 40 pages/18,000 copies
  • French language employee IPO brochure – 40 pages/12,000 copies
  • Flemish language brochure – 28 pages/18,000 copies
  • French language brochure –28 pages/12,000 copies
  • Flemish language employee letter – 2 pages/18,000 copies
  • French language employee letter – 2 pages/12,000 copies
  • Posters x 10 versions (French, Flemish & Dutch languages) – 27,465 copies

Our experts worked closely with the bpost teams over a five-week period to the smooth completion of the IPO process.

The IPO prospectuses were simultaneously printed in London and Brussels to meet investor roadshow requirements. All IPO retail brochure documentation was delivered direct to five different bpost sorting centres across Belgium. The employee documentation was delivered direct to bpost for internal distribution.

Our services helped bpost achieve a successful and compliant IPO.

Matthias Dubois, Head of Brand & Marketing Communications at bpost, hailed our commitment and dedication to helping his organisation meets its aims: “Donnelley Financial Solutions provided excellent support in the areas of translation services and printing. The quality of their work and their flexibility has been a major factor in our IPO's success.”

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